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Reepham & Aylsham Medical Practice
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We operate an appointment system for all clinician surgeries.  Appointments can be made in person at the surgery or by telephone. 


To book an appointment by phone ring between

08:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 18:30.


In the morning, we operate a triage system (8am to 10am). Patients asking for a same day appointment or a home visit, are contacted by telephone within 60 minutes by one of our doctors. If an appointment or a visit is needed the doctor will make the necessary arrangements at the time.


We would ask that if you need a non-urgent appointment you please telephone after triage has finished at 11:00 a.m on Mondays and 10:30 a.m. Tuesday to Friday to allow any urgent appointments that day to be dealt with first.


On Monday evenings the practice offers an early surgery from 07:00 a.m - 08:00a.m and we also offer an evening surgery from 18:30 p.m- 19:30 p.m primarily for patients who cannot make an appointment during the day.


New appointment system from January 14th 2019


Booking GP/ Nurse Practitioner appointments - What’s changing?


Instead of phoning the practice and having a receptionist book a GP /Nurse practitioner appointments for you, our doctors will now speak to you first and then book an appointment according to your clinical need.  Therefore if your doctor thinks you need to be seen quickly he or she can schedule you an appointment the very same day or, if it is a routine matter that can wait a few days, they will give you an appointment within that timeframe.  Alternatively they may be able to help you without the need for you to be seen in person.


How this can help you, the patient?


In the past you’ve phoned the practice and had to wait anything between three hours and three weeks before speaking to or seeing a clinician. Now we intend to put you in direct contact with a doctor.  Often this will be within two hours of you making your call if they are on duty that day with faster and more effective patient outcomes resulting from the triage process


How does it work for you the patient?

From the patient’s point of view it is really very easy

  1. Phone your GP Surgery after 10am (after urgent 8am - 10am Triage)
  2. Give your telephone contact details to the receptionist and arrange a call back
  3. Speak directly to a doctor, often within two hours of calling the surgery

Phone: 01263 733693 / 01603 870271


When you telephone the surgery your call will be answered by a receptionist, just as it always has been.  However, instead of searching the system to try and find you a suitable doctor’s appointment, the receptionist will take your contact details so a doctor can give you a call back to discuss your requirements. 


Benefits for Patients

Under this system, patients

  • Don’t have to be first through on the phones to secure an appointment
  • Have direct contact with a doctor much sooner
  • Can be moved more quickly along the care pathway due to early identification of their needs
  • See a doctor/ nurse practitioner  sooner when appropriate
  • Get more time a doctor/ nurse practitioner when they need it due to a reduced pressure on appointments

Benefits for Doctors

For doctors this represents

  • Improved patient communication and care
  • More efficient use of time and NHS resources
  • Increased professional satisfaction through enhanced patient care and more effective workload management

How to get the best from the appointment system

The following tips will help you get the best out of our appointments

  • If you don’t need to been seen quickly, think about phoning the surgery on a day when it is more convenient to receive a call back from a GP
  • If you have any particular time constraints to receive a call back please give this information to the receptionist who takes your call – we will do our very best to call you at a time that suits you
  • Each GP does have a limited number of pre-bookable Telephone Consultations so this is a further option if it would be difficult for you to receive a call back the day you contact the surgery
  • Remember, if you feel in any way unhappy and still wish to be seen, at the end of a telephone consultation where the doctor has suggested that it might not be necessary to see you, you have the right to request a face to face appointment.
  • Also, if you wish to speak with your own GP, try calling on one of their routine working days

A Few Important Facts to Note:


The Practice will operate a limited capacity system for requesting routine appointments. Please be advised to call as early in the day, after 10am, as is possible. If capacity is reached, you will be asked to call the next or another day convenient to yourself.


It is not about preventing you from seeing the doctor/nurse practitioner.  It is about putting patients directly in touch with a doctor at the first possible opportunity in order to deal with their requirements in the most effective way and according to clinical priority. 

You get to speak with the doctor on the day you phone the practice rather than having to wait up to a week to see a doctor/nurse practitioner face to face to discuss your health issues.  You therefore have the reassurance of speaking with a clinician the same day you phone the practice. 

It’s not about “diagnosing over the phone” and should not put the patient in any way at risk.  A doctor/nurse practitioner may offer you telephone advice, adjust your medication on the basis of a telephone consultation or offer you a prescription following discussion of your symptoms.  However, he or she will only do this where it is clinically safe to do so based on the symptoms or condition that you have and with the benefit of full access to your clinical notes and medical history.

If you feel in any way unhappy and still wish to be seen, at the end of a telephone consultation where the doctor has suggested that it might not be necessary to see you, you have the right to request a face to face appointment.  Just tell your doctor that you still have concerns and would like to be seen.

The surgery has a Direct Dial number that can be given to individual patients who have genuine difficulties with the use of telephone triage.  These will be patients who have specific physical or psychological problems which mean that they genuinely cannot benefit from a Telephone Triage system.  Patients or carers of patients who believe they fall into this category should arrange to speak with their doctor to receive an individual exemption from use of the system, if appropriate.  Patients who qualify will be given a card with a direct dial “Bypass Register” number for them to call and make prebookable in person appointments with their GP.  However, it should be noted that abuse of this system will lead to it being withdrawn.

It’s not about making your doctor’s life easier, it is about dealing with your healthcare needs more quickly and delivering a higher standard of patient care.   In the past the patients who were first through on the phone were the ones to get the earliest appointments regardless of whether they were the ones that most needed them.  By using this appointment booking system doctors can ensure that patients who need to be seen more quickly are seen more quickly.  They can also speed up the care pathway for any patient requiring tests prior to a face to face appointment, for those requiring review of medication or a pre-existing condition or for those with a straightforward diagnosis for which a prescription can be raised following a telephone consultation.



Online Appointment Booking and Cancelling 


We now offer an online appointment booking and cancellation service. In order to take advantage of this service you will need to setup an SystmOnline account. If you do not have an account but would like one please contact the surgery. It is simple to arrange, all you will need to bring with you is photo ID and a Utility Bill with your address on. Once you are set up you can book/cancel appointments and order repeat prescriptions. 


Please note online bookings are for appointments with Doctors only and should not be used to  book appointments with other clinical  staff, i.e phlebotomist, healthcare assistant, nurse or nurse practitioner. 



Urgent Calls and Emergencies


In a medical emergency dial 999. However, if you do ring the surgery please tell the receptionist quickly and clearly that the matter is urgent. She will take the details and pass the message to the doctor either in the surgery or by mobile phone if he/she is on visit.


It is possible that you may be referred to a member of the practice nursing team. Please remember that there is not always a doctor or nurse in the building at all times.





 You can now see a GP or healthcare professional during:


- Weekday evenings between 6:30pm and 8:00pm

- Saturdays and Sundays


To book an appointment, contact the surgery. You may be able to get an appointment on the same day if required.


You may be offered an appointment at:


- Another local GP practice

- Another local NHS service - such as a General Practice Hub







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