Improved Access Appointments

Any patient registered in North Norfolk can now see a GP or a Nurse Practitioner during evening and weekend hours outside of normal surgery hours.

The Improved Access service in North Norfolk is run by North Norfolk Primary Care Ltd (NNPC), with appointments staffed by local GPs and Nurse Practitioners.

Appointments are available up to 7 days in advance by speaking to reception. Please be aware that there are some reasons where an Improved Access Appointment is inappropriate and you will be informed of this. Clinicians have full access to view your medical record, and all information is transmitted back to your registered GP.

Where is Your Appointment?

There are 4 ‘hub’ surgeries across North Norfolk. Your improved access appointment will be at one of the 4 surgeries:

When Will my Appointment be?

We will tell you the exact time of your appointment when you book. Usually, Improved Access appointments are scheduled as follows:

  • Weekdays:18:30 – 20:00
  • Weekends:09:00 – 12:00

How Long are the Appointments?

The appointments are 15 minutes long.

Will I see my Usual GP or Nurse Practitioner?

It is unlikely that you will see your normal GP or NP. However, all the GPs and Nurse Practitioners working in Improved Access are experienced in their jobs and are currently working in Practices in or around North Norfolk.

Will They Have Access to my Full Medical Record?

Yes, the clinician you do see will have access to your full patient record so they conduct a consultation safely and with sight of your full medical history and current list of medications. Any notes taken during the consultation will be safely communicate with your registered practice.

As part of the booking process you will need to consent to sharing your records with NNPC so they can make them available for the clinicians at your appointment.