Meet the Team

Our Doctors

Dr. Christopher Pearce

GP Partner

M.B.Chir (Cantab) 1989, M.A. (Oxon) 1986

Dr. Penny Ayling 

GP Partner

M.A. (Oxon), MB BS (London) 1997

Dr. Philip Ager 

GP Partner

M.A. (Oxon), MB BS (London) 2007

Dr. Victoria Talboys

GP Partner


Dr Richard Howell



Dr. Sarah Lynch

Salaried GP


Trainee Placements

From time to time there will be Foundation Year 2 (FY2) Doctors working with the surgery for a 4 month period. A FY2 is a qualified doctor spending time in general practice, whilst gaining higher qualifications.

Our surgery is also committed to supporting a diverse skill mix of clinical staff which includes Physician Associates and Medical students e.g. Paramedics and nurses who are each mentored and supported by our clinical team.

  • Patients are informed if the medical students are in attendance.
  • If you do not want a student to be present, please tell the clinician.

Our Nursing Team

Nurse Practitioners

Rachel Stone

Nurse Practitioner Lead

Julie Oliver

Nurse Practitioner

Katherine Daniels

Nurse Practitioner

Deborah Perez-Selsky

Nurse Practitioner

Elizabeth Ross

Nurse Practitioner

The nurse practitioners are happy to see patients with a wide variety of problems including minor illness, minor injury and medication reviews plus most general health queries you may have. Nurse Practitioners are able to prescribe and refer onwards as required.


Emma Chamberlain

Nurse Lead & Prescriber

Nurse Prescribers are experienced Practice Nurses who have taken extra qualifications to be able to prescribe.

Charlene Haynes

Practice Nurse

Joanne Booth

Practice Nurse

Emily Gorbould

Practice Nurse

Sheryl Hardingham

Practice Nurse

You may see the nurse for consultation, without seeing the doctor first.

Nurses are responsible for vaccinations, annual reviews, contraception and sexual health advice, cervical screening, wound management and applying complex dressings.

They do not deal with any eye problems or skin rashes, minor illness or acute presentations.

Healthcare Assistant

Sally Peachment

Healthcare Assistant

Gemma Gray

Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare Assistants are responsible for blood pressure checks, annual reviews, new patient/NHS health checks, ECGs, giving dietary advice, applying minor wound dressings and syringing ears.


Sue Cripps


Jessica Moore


Phlebotomists take blood and do not carry out any other nursing tasks. Please request an appointment with them, if you need a regular blood test or one that the clinician has agreed.

Our Practice Team


Wendy Dicks

Practice Manager

Jeanette Stursberg 

Assistant Practice Manager

Kate Sloper

Operations Manager

Jane Coles


Jan Wright

Compliance Manager

The practice manager oversees the smooth running of the surgery and is responsible for administration and personnel management; any suggestions or complaints should be addressed to the practice manager.

You can contact Wendy at either surgery, for non-clinical queries.

for queries regarding finance, please contact Jane.

Secretarial Team

Tracey Yardley

Medical secretary

Donna Tooke

Medical secretary

Care Navigators

Amie Daniels


Daisy Brooks


Kim Brown


Jessica More


Izzy Chandler


Ty Chamberlain


Anna-Lee Arthurton


Ann Marie Hall


Mandi Burgess


Laura Shingles


Lucy Wright


Our Dispensary Team


Tina Nicholls

Dispensary Lead

Alanna Rowley


Chloe Clarke


Hollie Jex


Laura Shingles

Dispensary Administrator

Pharmacy Technicians

Libby Ashton

Pharmacy Technician

Jo Cossey

Pharmacy Technician

Our PCN Team

First Contact Physiotherapists

Ryan Hopkins


Andy Lee


First contact practitioners are physiotherapists with enhanced skills; they can help patients with musculoskeletal issues such as back, neck and joint pain by:

  • assessing and diagnosing issues
  • giving expert advice on how best to manage their conditions
  • referring them onto specialist services if necessary.

Social Prescribers

Kara Barnard

Social Prescriber

Maxine Wooltorton

Social Prescriber

Social prescribing is a way of helping you deal with the things in your life that can make you feel unhappy or anxious. Addressing these things takes a little extra time and support; our social prescribers can help you to access a wide range of activities and support in your local community that can help you turn things around.

Clinical Pharmacists

Nico Pili

Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical pharmacists are health professionals who train for many years to become specialists in medicines; they can work directly with you as part of the GP team to make sure your medicines help you to get better and stay well.

Our Attached Team


Our surgery will be happy to arrange your 1st appointment; follow-up appointments are to be booked directly with the midwife. It is possible to attend your 1st antenatal appointment at Cromer Hospital, please contact Medicom on 01603 481222.

Community Nursing

The community nursing team offer domiciliary care to patients who are permanently or temporarily housebound, as well as providing leg ulcer care.

To contact a member of the community nursing team regarding open referrals only, please call Single Point on 01692 408079.

Diabetic Eye Screening

If you have an appointment for a Diabetic Eye Screening that you need to cancel or reschedule, please call 01603 288433.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Team

Victoria Archer


Tom Brown

Mental Health Practitioner